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Institute for Social Studies and Research  
The Institute for Social Studies and Research, established in 1958, was the first research center in Iran.
The Institute was initially located at the summer residence of Fathalishah, the King of Qajar Dynasty, but later moved to its current location in the main Campus of the University.
In the past 50 years, numerous research projects have been carried out in the Institute on various social issues.
The Institute has a specialized library with numerous books and journals on social sciences

Research Orientation
1. Urban sociology
2. Rural sociology
3. Political sociology
4. Comparative sociology
5. Industrial and career sociology
6. Youth studies
7. Demography
8. Social psychology
9. Anthropology
10. Bio-anthropology 

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Shahed alley, Qods St, The Central
Campus of the University of Tehran Tehran, Iran
  Tel/Fax: (+9821) 88002271

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